Programming in visual basic 6.0 julia case bradley ebook


    New to this Edition: added coverage of Object-Oriented-Programming, coverage of new features in Visual Basic , expanded and reorganized sections, coding. [Matching item] Programming in Visual Basic, version Julia Case Bradley, Anita C. Millspaugh. [electronic resource]. Boston Irwin/McGraw-Hill xx, p. Topics Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual BASIC, BASIC (Computer program language), Framework, BASIC (Computer program.

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    Programming In Visual Basic 6.0 Julia Case Bradley Ebook

    Programming in Visual Basic (McGraw-Hill International Editions) [Julia Case Bradley, Anita C. Millspaugh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Intro Programming course is estimated currently at , and growing. Visual Basic is taking over where BASIC, Qbasic, and QuickBasic once dominated. Julia Case Bradley Books - List Of Books By Julia Case, Advanced Visual Basic Julia Case, Programming In Visual Basic (mcgraw-hill International.

    What are objects and properties? How are they related to each other? ANS:Objects: Think of an object as a thing, or a noun. Examples of objects are forms and controls. Forms are the windows and dialog boxes you place on the screen; controls are the elements you place inside a form, such as text boxes, command buttons, and list boxes. Properties: Properties tell something about an object, such as its name, color, size, location, or how it will behave. You can think of properties as adjectives that describe objects. When you refer to a property, you first name the object, then a period, then name the property. For example, refer to the Caption property of a form called Form1 as Form1. Caption say form1 dot caption.

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    Azlin Ahmad added it Apr 17, Faridatulazna Abdullah marked it as to-read May 02, Sheren marked it as to-read Jul 21, Innocent marked it as to-read Jul 25, Kota Dinesh marked it as to-read Aug 10, This file hold information about each of your project's forms. When is Visual Basic in design time?

    ANS:Visual Basic has three distinct modes. While you are designing the user interface and writing code, you are in design time.

    Chapter 1-----Julia Case Bradley Programming In Visual Basic 6.0

    When you are testing and running your project, you are in run time. If you get a run-time error or pause project execution, you are in break time. What is the purpose of the Name property of a control? All names should be meaningful, indicating the purpose of the control.

    Which property determines what appears on the form for a label control? ANS:The Caption property of a label determines what will be displayed on the form. What is the purpose of the Caption property of a command button? ANS:The Caption property of a command button determines what text will display in the command button on the form.

    The Caption property of a form determines the text that will appear in the forms title bar. To what does cmdPush refer? To what does Click refer?

    What is a Visual Basic event? Give some examples of events.

    ANS:While your project is running, the user can do many things, such as move the mouse around, click on a command button, move, resize, or close your form's window, jump to another application, and so on. Each action by the user causes an event to occur in your Visual Basic project. Some of the events you care about like clicking on a command button , and some events you don't care about like moving the mouse and resizing the window.

    If you write Basic code for a particular event, then Visual Basic will respond to the event and automatically execute your procedure. Any events you don't write procedures for are ignored. What property must be set to center text in a label?

    What should be the value of the property? ANS:The Alignment property must be set to center text in a label.

    Formats and Editions of Programming in Visual Basic .Net []

    The value of the property should be 2Center. What is the General Declarations section of a form module? What belongs there? Each project file needs remarks that identify author, date, and purpose. The general declarations section is a good location for these remarks. The Option Explicit statement and any module level declarations may also appear in the general declarations section.

    What is a compile error, when does it occur, and what might cause it? ANS:As Visual Basic attempts to convert your program code to machine language called compiling the code , it finds any compile errors. You get compile errors when you break the syntax rules of Basic, and sometimes when you use an illegal object or property.

    Compile errors may be found by the editor as you move off the offending line. Or, the compile error may not be found until you try to run the project.

    Before Visual Basic can actually run your code, it attempts to compile the code into machine language. If VB finds compile errors, it displays the Code window, highlights the offending line, and enters Break time. What is a run-time error, when does it occur, and what might cause it? ANS:If your project halts during execution, thats a run-time error. Visual Basic displays a dialog box, goes into break time, and highlights the statement causing the problem.

    Books by Julia Case Bradley

    Run-time errors are caused by statements that cannot execute correctly. The statements are correctly formed Basic statements that pass the syntax checking of the compiler; however, the statements fail to execute. Run-time errors can be caused by such problems as attempting to do impossible arithmetic operations such calculations with non-numeric data, division by zero, or attempting to calculate the square root of a negative number.

    What is a logic error, when does it occur, and what might cause it? ANS:With logic errors, your project runs but produces incorrect results.

    Perhaps the results of a calculation are incorrect or the wrong text appears or the text is OK but it appears in the wrong location. What does context-sensitive Help mean? How can you use it to see the Help page for a command button? ANS:Context-sensitive Help automatically jumps to the Help topic relating to what you are working on at the moment. For context-sensitive Help, select any object on the screen and press F1; VB automatically displays the relevant Help page.

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