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Learn SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)interview questions and answers for freshers and one, two, three, four years experienced to crack the job interview for top. Top 50 SAP MM Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf. 8. How to create the source and target database connections in server manager? Answer. SAP SD Interview Questions and What is accounting group? Answers for freshers. What are the differences between invoice and billing.

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Sap Sd Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

Below are samples of SAP SD frequently interview questions and answers that Answers for freshers /10/ TOP SAP SD Interview Questions and. SAP SD Interview Questions. - 11 -. Introduction. Each interview question has a question and an answer – that is pretty straightforward – but when you see the. Searching for SAP SD job? Prepare by practicing SAP SD job interview questions and answers page designed by wisdom jobs professional experts. SAP SD or.

SAP SD handles all the processes of order to delivery. It executes the business processes used in selling, shipping and billing of product and services. Partial amount in each bill till full amount is billed. What is the path to define condition type in SAP for pricing? The representation of certain aspects related to your daily pricing activities is referred as condition types. PGI or Post Good Issue is done to keep a record of available goods in stock after the goods are delivered. Good issue transaction cannot be cancelled but can be reversed.

Most likely the routine will show If you change that routine to , then you should get an invoice per sales order. Ideally, in an SAP environment, a three-system landscape exists. What is the landscape? B need X material, but X material is now out of stock, then you can solve this problem? This process uses a download order Which is sent to you by vendor. Also, invoice verification is used further along the process to check that the invoices you send to your customer are the same material and quantity as that which the vendor sent to the customer But obviously shipped directly to your customer.

And what is the purpose of each? How is credit control determined? What is Item Category? How can we assign it? It controls the sales document flow and also impacts the schedule line category. The item category of the sales order affects the delivery and finally impacts the billing process as well.

I am copying an existing area menu where the name of the main node is already specified. Create a new menu area then the name of that area menu is automatically assigned to the main node.

How many sales document types? What is Extract used in condition tech. The above extract is used to find suitable condition record.

What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Credit Check? Dyanamic credit is a check which is comparing the credit limit assign to the customer to the total value of open sales order, plus total value of open delivery that are not yet to invoiced plus total amount billing document that are yet to be passed on accounting plus total value of billing amount that are yet to be paid by customer.

But, difference is that time period credit horizon is attached with dynamic credit states that the system is not calculated all open item and all open value after credit horizon. On the other hand, there is not time period is not attached with static credit limit. For this reason, all open items and all open values is taken into account. What is difference between the item proposal and dynamic proposal?

To View the Invoice Due Date A certain customer has credit payment terms wherein if the invoice is cut between Dec 1 —15 , then the invoice due date should be Jan 15, I have configured the payment terms in the transaction code OBB8.

I created the sales order with the customer and got the specific payment terms in the overview screen, and then I made the delivery and then the invoice. Can I view the invoice due date Jan 16, in the invoice? If you want to send it at your convenience select the dispatch time as 3 Send with application own transaction.

Attach the output type to the correct output determination procedure defined for the document type. Use T Code VF31 to send the message. A central downloading plant P2 processes it and sends it to the vendor. Vendor supplies goods to plant P2. P2 then transfers the goods to P1.

P1 then delivers it to customer. We want actual plant to do the goods receipt. Meaning P2 would receive the stock initially for sales order TAB and linked download order having plant P1 if goods are coming to P2.

Subsequently, when P2 plant delivers the sales order stock to P1 plant, P1 should create the goods receipt for stock transfer delivery.

Advanced SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers

The reason we want to achieve this is so not to disturb the material costs, as once the goods are received it will be valuated. How do we do this? Answer: You could have the requirement placed on P1, which then creates a dependent requirement on P2. When downloadd, it is sent to P2. Automatic Packing I want to use automatic packing and I have to create the procedure for packing instructions. Where and how can I link the procedure with my delivery type or item category?

You will have to assign the procedure to Outbound Delivery. Here you cannot specify the delivery type or item category.

Top 20 SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers

To some extent, you can control this with the packing indicator in the delivery item category, however, you can have better control by designing the access sequence with the available fields.

After client copy, our test system does not update LIS info structures. How do I fix this? Answer: Generate the infrastructure and update group again in the client in which you are facing the problem. How to trace changes in sales order How do you trace the changes made in the sales order in regards to changes to the partner function in the sales orders?

Answer: If you go into the change mode of the sales order click on environment, and then change. It also shows old and new values. It seems the system does not add the STO to delivery due list automatically. Is some setting in SD affecting this? Answer: The delivery creation date is blank because the STO is blocked by release strategy.

Output with Different Language Is it possible to have to have two delivery notes in two different languages? In paste: A plant is a manufacturing unit and it is a place where Materials have to be kept. Storage location is a place in plant, where in materials Has to be stored. How To Rectify It? Because that customer is not create that sales area. How To Rectify? The system is giving error because material is not available in plant so check the material mb1c.

We can maintain individual customer credit limit in customer Master. The Net Price Is Zero. Because we not maintain the base price of material. So that we use vk11 for base price. Explain About Sales Order Cycle? In rush order if a customer places an order delivery will Take place immediately billing will be letter. Contract is the business sale cycle and schedule line is the cust.

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By assigning credit control area to specific sales area. What Is Erp And Sap? ERP ERP is a package with the techniques and concept for the integrated management of business as a whole enterprise. ERP is software designed for basic process of company software.

SAPsap is an enterprise information and management package in word wide use of this package it makes possible to track and manage. Is an ERP package. SAP can be fit it any language. Using of sap means there is no need to maintain SAP is able to integrate all functional organizational units. Master Data MM: Plant is created by MM Consultant. Yes , it is possible by the exclusive free goods. Assigning Shipping Point To Plant tvswz?

This assignment ensures that goods from different Plant can be dispatched from different Shipping Points. Define, Copy, Delete, Check Plant tw?

Can You Delete Order? You can delete the order but there should not be any transcations on the particular order. Define Shipping Points tvst? Shipping Point is the Organizational element, which is responsible for shipping the Materials to the Customers. Pl Explains In Detail?

Any one sales group can belong to several sales offices. Listing only the materials which is applicable to the Customers. Exclusion The materials which is not applicable to the Customers. Maintain Sales Office tvbur? The definition of sales offices is optional. For each sales office, you can determine the printer for output based on the sales documents in different ways. Setting Up Sales Area tvta? All the sales are made from a particular sales Area. For creating a Sales Order Sales Area is compulsory.

Assigning Division To Sales Organization tvkos? Maintaining Division tspa? Division is a way of grouping materials, products, or services. Material determination, pricing determination, Output determination, Account determination.

Condition table defines the combination of fields the key that identifies an individual condition record. Access sequence is a search strategy that the system uses to find valid data for a particular condition type. Maintaining Distribution Channel tvtw? Distribution Channel is the way, in which Products or Services reach Customers. What Is A Condition Type?

Condition type is a representation in the system of your daily pricing activities. Maintaining Sales Organization tvko? Sales Organization is an organizational unit responsible for the sale of certain products or services. Define Credit Control Area t? Company is created by FI Consultant. The credit control area is an organizational unit that specifies and checks a credit limit for customers. A credit control area can include one or more company codes.

It is not possible to assign a company code to more than one control area.

Top 50 SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

Within a credit control area, the credit limits must be specified in the same currency. The company code is an organizational unit used in accounting. It is used to structure the business organization from a financial accounting perspective.

Erb is the sales deduction account key used for rebate processing. Eru is the accruals key used in pricing For rebate processing it is used for difference in sales Revenues. PGI cancellation is done before the transportation of goods.

What Are Incoterms? Where Do We Fix Them? Incomers or international comm. Credit check, Tax calculation, and Cost estimate.

How To Close The Backorders? Through availability check and TOR you can close the back Order process. Normally tickets will come to the helpdesk which were sent By End-users thru client specific internal mail id, then we will take up the tickets ans then access the production Server according to the ticket.

What Is The Team Size? Duration Of The Project.? If its big project, it will be around For the project completion it will take around months to get into golive. After that, post implementation for 3 months. After that supporting it depends as project time line for every company is different.

A third generation set of highly integrated software modules that performs common business function based on multinational leading practice. Business Work Flow: Tool for automatic control and execution of cross-application processes.

This involves coordinating the persons involved, the work steps required, and the data, which needs to be processed business objects. The main advantage is reduction in throughput times and the costs involved in managing business processes. Transparency and quality are enhanced by its use. Explain The Difference Between Them? International Demonstration and Education System. A sample application provided for faster learning and implementation.

There are number of technical reasons numbers of companies are planning to implement SAP. Different Types Of Erp? Here you simply need to map the transfer structures associated with BW data sources Info Cubes, ODS tables to the inbound data files or use 3rd part tool to connect your flat files and other data sources and load data in BW. State how you are looking for a new challenge, more responsibility, experience and a change of environment.

What Are Datasets? The sequential file is called datasets. They are used for file handling in SAP. Where Do You Maintain It? Define the transportation connection points Define the modes of transport and shipping type. Condition index means keep the all condition records what Ever you maintained for particular condition type. If you want process this you should be active index in Condition type. That is used to move your non-cross client customizations. How Can You Check? Customer is regarded as sold to party when he is acting as Person who is downloading goods, products can be shipped, he is Billed, and he is Paying for the invoices generated.

You can clarify your doubt while creating a Sold to party, Ship to party, Payer, by using respective account groups, Ex: Payer will not be having a Shipping Tab in Sales area Data. Item category group is used for SD to configure the item Category and how this item behaves in sales order. General Item category group determines the category of the Item like, trading goods, service goods, finished goods Etc Page there u maintain cross distribution chain after that This material is block for sales.

The Change Request is that request when you do some thing New in customizing or configuration in the system. When ever working with pricing condition record, the Current Support project has only 3 Key combinations, but user Wants to have one more key combination or need to change the Combination means, it is consider as a change request.

How can you go for billing? System will block at order level Or delivery level only. Can We Rename Movement Types?

We have to extend the material from one plant to another Plant. Sales Organizations. Plant PP: Plant FI: Company Code CO: Basic Elements Of Condition Technique? There are 5 basic elements of condition technique:. Yes, we can use output determination procedure to automate Output processing. This is based on Condition technique. We Have to assign the output determination procedure.

Credit control area. Organizational unit in an organization checks credit limits for customers. Company fills the goods at customer site, Still it is the property of company, is called as Consignment fill up, CF. When the customer consumes the material company issues the Invoice is called as consignment issue CI.

If the customer finds that he got any material defective he Returns is called as consignment return CR. Which is not sold by the consumer, the company will pick This stock consignment Pick up CP. Sales Office Geographical aspects of the organization in business development and sales are defined using the term sales office. If you enter a sales order for a sales office within a certain sales area, the sales office must be assigned to that area. Sales Group The staff of a sales office may be subdivided into sales groups.

Salespersons Individual personnel master records are used to manage data about salespersons. You can assign a sales person to a sales group in the personnel master record. Backward scdg-- System calculates Requested delivery date. Forward Scheduling If the material is not avl.

On that date the system calculates the earliest possible delivery date based on the material avl. EK01 is a calculated cost EK02 is estimated cost. Sales organization: Distribution channel: Typical distribution channels include wholesale, retail and direct sales. You can assign a distribution channel to one or more sales organizations. Within a division you can carry out statistical analyses or set up separate marketing. Yes, its is possible in SAP but u never do this method Because u have a lot of problems because suddenly u need for Standard functionality in this case u couldn't remember.

When there not enough stock system will give the next Delivery date by checking the availability of that quantity of Material. Delivery group is grouping of all sub items to be delivery at one time. Mostly used in bill of materials. It is more required in bom when u specify the delivery of diff material at the same time which comes under a header item.

You can very well delete sales order using transaction VA02, but with a constraint that no subsequent document is created against it. You cannot delete an Invoice. You can only cancel it with VF11 if the relevant accounting document is not been generated. Ask your FI guy to reverse the accounting doc.

You also need to check if any TAX documents are generated with your Invoice. What Is Partner Type? Example It? One type of Partner-- who works for you is called Employee or Personnel. Exchange rate gets copied from the customer master record.

Exchange rate types are to be maintained for the customer in the sales screen. Item Category Group? Where You Maintain It? What Is Condition Type? Tell Me The Main Groups? A condition type is one which describes the what the purpose Of that condition types are used to define how the particular condition is going to perform. What Is Pricing Procedure? Pricing procedure is a systematic and sequential use of Condition types to arrive at a right value of the product.

A Route is part of shipping which is determined. Between Inquiry And Quotation? Inquiry is just a simple document showing the interest Your customer on products and services. Quotation is a legal agreement you offer to you Customer. You agree to the customer that you will charge a Particular amount. What Is Material Type Control? Material type control is similar to account group control For customer master. The material type and the industry Are working helps to control the data Material.

Firstly u cannot delete the sales orders once they are saved You can only cancel the sale order or reject the sale Order, in that case you can get the rejected sales order Numbers.

Header level conditions are for the whole document, while Item level condition is for the particular item only. Coz master data is responsible for all the records like Sales order, delivery and billing and as well as in Customer payments. It is mandatory. Sold to party The person who places the order. Ship to Party The person who receives the goods. Bill to party The person who receives the Bills BP. Payer The person who pays the payment PY. Bill Of Material Means? Bills of material means combining a group of materials in Two products.

In which included header level item and item level item. When header level item is relevant for pricing then item level item is not, when item level item is relevant for pricing then header level item is not. Tcode vk11 used for individual Maintenance of condition record And Tcode vk31 used for mass Maintenance of condition record.

Bom Used In Which Modules? While doing sales order the material is not available some Times at that time we give the delivery date if the goods available earlier than delivery date can go back with sales order and deliver the goods before first delivery date.

This process called as Backorder processing. Create a customer group and then assign it to CCA. Access sequence is a search strategy which finds the right Condition record from the condition table. Item proposal in which we will manual selects the items from the list of items for that particular customer, It contains material and quantity what the customer regularly download. Next time if the customer comes and places an order system copies material and quantity from item proposal.

Dynamic proposal sale order is raised items are automatically determined in that order. What Is Material Determination? Material Determination is nothing but an alt. With 2 materials we cannot swap. Factory calendar is maintain in plant Factory calendar is used to fix up the working dates and Holidays. How Is Credit Control Determined? One Company code can be assigned too many credit control areas And multiple company codes are not assigned to one credit Control area.

Exclusive is a track point for access sequence if the Exclusive indicator is set, if a valid condition is found by the system in a cond. Difference Between Discount And Rebate?

Rebate is an agreement between Sales Org. Special discount paid to a customer once he achieves sales volume in a given period of time. Discount is a general disc. Normally applicapable in the business transactions in a regular base. Discount is the one which all the customers can get.

Item category: It is an indicator that determines the characteristics of a Document item. Item category group: It define the characteristics of the material and what the role in sales order. But you can Change ship to party to sold to party because sold to party will be having all the partner Functions.

No it is not possible because one company can have only use one customer number. Customer Number is a unique feature in SAP. How Is Pricing Procedure Determined? How Is Item Category Determined? Sales doc type, Item category group, item usage, higher level item and item category all these purpose by default item category come.

What Is Condition Exclusion? Condition exclusion groups contain group of discount Condition types from this customer will not receive all Discounts but receives one best discount of all ov How To Configure Partial Deliveries?

Check the box in customer master or in delivery type LF Check partial delivery indicator. What Is Condition Supplement? Condition supplement: If company wants to give discount irrespective of any Combination till certain period condition supplement will Use. System by default proposes the discount along with Base price in the pricing procedure. If there are different business process, if you want to In that case you can configure different document types For ex.

You can also assign different number range to different Document types for different business process.

SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers

Third Party Sale? In that situation normally you Will go for third party sales process. The message will Appear "Material has been extended".

How Revenue Account Is Determined? Application Chart of accounts Sales Org Condition type Account assignment group from customer Account assignment group from material Account key. You will go to xd01 transaction code and you will use Reference data to copy another sales area.

What Is Transfer Order? Transfer order is an internal document to move goods from Storage to picking area.

What Is An Mrp Type? Fields In Material Master? Basicdata1, basic data2, sales org1, sales org2, sales general plant data, sales text, mrp, downloading data and accounting.

Types Of Billing? What Is The Diff. Between Billing And Invoice? Invoice is whenever we can send to the goods send to the customer because to check the Goods. Billing document is a total goods bill. How Is Access Seq. Access Sequence is controlled by the accesses. It can also be Controlled by requirements, but requirements only determine. Step Number is used to specify the sequential order for Condition types.

What Is Line Item? Line item is a row where all the details of particular item whenever you get the all information of particular item then double click on the row. Customer group is represented the different-2 customer statically point and it define the customer pricing and discount. Where Is Shipping Conditions Stored? In material master data, and shipping determination.

How Is Plant Determined? Plant is determined by material and shipping point determination. Sales group and, etc. A Sales office establishes contact between the firm and the Regional market. It represents the business different areas. How Is Storage Location Determined? How Is Shipping Point Determined?

Shipping point will be determined based on the shipping Conditions, loading group and delivery plant. In a third party in schedule category we have a field Called downloading requisition.

Scheduling category is cs download req is automatically generate and we want generate with transaction code me51 to create download requirements. Financial document is going to generated. Billing due list up dates. Credit management up dates. Instead of going through the routine menu, you can enter the Transaction Code and then press "Enter", which would directly take you to the specific Transaction. For example, you can access the VA22 transaction code, to reach to the Change Quotation screen.

The comparison key that helps you to find the key of a specific database record depending on the field value entered in the record is known as match code. On the basis of the match code, the System then displays a list of records from which you can select the appropriate one. Customer master is a part of the SD module and forms the basis for customer-related transactions.

It is divided into three areas:. To maintain a company code, navigate the following menu path:. ERP is a way to integrate processes and data of an organization into a single system to provide Easy access and workflow in an organization. It refers to the way in which large organizations efficiently plan to use resources to their fullest.

The advantages of implementing an ERP System in an organization are as follows:. The SD module is an application module for supply chain and operational performance management and provides support to customers. It also allows organizations to input Sales price of products for customers and check for open orders. Landscape is an architecture of servers. ABAPer writes the Z-Development and programmes as specified by the functional consultant as per the business requirements.

Explain Badis And Its Relevance? BADis are business transaction events helpful to bundle program, menu, and screen enhancements into a single business add-in. What Is The Quick Viewer? The Quick Viewer is a very useful tool to create reports in System. It helps create reports without actually doing any programming.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP is a software package, which is designed for the integrated management of the various business processes, such as inquiry, order placement, invoicing, and billing.

It was initially designed for manufacturing industries to manage the core business areas, such as production and finance. With the popularity of the ERP package, its functionalities also extended to cover the complete business management.

The three tiers are as follows:. A division refers to a product group that can be defined for a wide range of products or services.

In Sales organization, there can be multiple divisions, which can also include customer-specific arrangements. The geographically located unit of a Sales organization refers to a Sales office in the SD module. A shipping point refers to the point from where the deliveries of products are shipped and, one or more plants can have the same shipping point. However, the subdivision of a shipping point refers to a loading point, which is manually entered in the header data of a delivery as per customization.

The geographical groups created for an organization to structure a Sales team are known as Sales office. A Sales office is then assigned to one or more Sales Area. The staff of a Sales office is divided into Sales groups and then Sales employee is assigned to a Sales group.

A Sales employee refers to the individual with personnel master records that are used to manage data of that Sales employee. The suffixes 01, 02, and 03 of a transaction code represent the following:. Navigate the following menu path to configure the Sales district:. You can assign a shipping point to a plant by navigating the following menu path:.

After the approval from the QA team the info structure can be transported in the time when no documents are created or posted.

Perform the following steps to create the company code:. There exists many to one relationship between sales organizations and company codes. The central organizational element used in downloading is called the download Organization. There exists many to many relationship between sales organizations and plants.

There exists many to many to one relationship between sales organizations, plants, and company codes. You do not assign shipping point to sales organization but assign it to plant only.

VD01 is the transaction code used to create a customer in the SD module. To create customer centrally, the T. Code is XD The following are the basic elements of a customer master record:.

The examples of common material types are as follows:. The following are few relevant material master views:. Navigate the following menu path to create Customer-Material Info Records: For such a situation, you can use transaction code MB1C and the movement type Perform the following steps to define your own hierarchy type:. While working on Inter Company Sales, the transaction code MM01 is used to create material related to the plant and Sales organization.

For the other company code, this material can be extended if the server being used is common. We need to make sure that for all the countries in the OVK1, we have defined a tax category. The underlying System uses the following sequence of steps to determine tax number and tax classification:.

The following menu path is navigated to define tax relevancy of the master record:. The following menu path is navigated to define regional tax codes:. The following are certain T-codes used to create and manipulate Customer master:. The T. The data such as customer and material maintained by an organization before the installation of ERP System is known as the legacy data.

You can block the transaction for a material flagged for deletion by customizing the Sales status feld in the Sales organization view of the material master.

The master records from which a Sales order receives the master data are as follows:. The customer master record in the shipping screen and in the Sales document type is used to specify shipping conditions. The shipping conditions are used to decide the shipping point by copying them into the Sales document during order creation. How Can You Do That?

A customer can be blocked by navigating the following menu path:. The menu path to define the customer hierarchy types is:. The menu path to set the partner determination for hierarchy categories is:. The customer hierarchy can be defined for the following:. The menu path to assign a Sales area to the Customer Hierarchy is:.

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